We Need Your Help

Fundraising for the RTI Center

Greetings family, friends, supporters and members of the community.

I’m reaching out to ask for assistance in opening the doors of the Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center.

In June of 2016, I secured a lease on a prime location for a community center in the downtown area of Stoughton, MA, named The Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center (RTIEC) that would allow for growth and expansion of programs that we had been executing at our previous and smaller location in Stoughton.

I began making progress by painting and replacing the floors, only to hit a roadblock. Upon inspection, the town of Stoughton informed me that a handicap accessible restroom is required on the first level of the two story building, in order to be given a permit to operate. With this unforeseen cost added on to the already overwhelming responsibilities of preparing the property,  I began construction on the bathroom. Unfortunately, expenses have compounded causing my resources to deplete and putting the project to a standstill.

Currently, my personal finances are stretched dangerously thin to the point that it may compromise the potential opening of the Center.

We Need Your Help

To date, I have used over $30,000 of my personal finances to cover all associated costs of the community center, as testimony to my true commitment to this project. Considering the needs that must be met in order to open the doors of the community center, my last resort is to reach out to you, my community and those who have been moved by my work thus far.

I humbly ask you to contribute to help fund the remaining costs of OUR community center.

Funding Go Towards the Following

  • Completion of handicap accessible restroom
  • Cosmetic and Safety renovations of the new space
  • Installation of external signage
  • Temporary Coverage of the operating costs of the Space.

Below are Programs, Resources and Experiences the RTI Center will be providing:

  • Afterschool Programs
  • Art Gallery Space
  • Art Program
  • Clubs (chess, book, etc.)
  • Community Meeting Space
  • Creative Space for Innovators
  • Panel Discussions
  • Poetry Events
  • STEM Program
  • Support Groups
  • Theatre Programs
  • Youth Employment
  • Youth Empowerment Events
  • Youth Leadership Programs
  • Youth Mentoring Program
  • Workshops (Adults and Youth)

Please understand that it is paramount that the benefits of the community center be accessible to all community members despite these unforeseen circumstances. Your help will allow for this center to open and impact thousands of lives moving forward. If you are unable to make a donation, please share this with a friend or family member to help spread the word of our needs.

If you wish to make a donation please click the following GoFundMe link.


Thank you for your help.

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